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Ackee--A bright red tropical fruit that, when ripe, bursts open to reveal three large black seeds and a soft, creamy white flesh.
 Ackee and Salt Fish--The native dish of Jamaica. Saltfish is codfish cured in salt and ackee is really a fruit but cooked as a veggie, resembling scrambled eggs and likened to the taste.
 Bedroom Bully--Jamaican herbal drink to enhance sexual performance.
 Bob Marley--Reggae artist. Reggae is a jazzy, upbeat music which originated in Jamaica.
 Callaloo-- The large, edible green leaves of the taro root, popular in the Caribbean islands cooked as one would prepare turnip or collard greens.
 Coco Bread--Jamaican bread made with coconut milk.
 Ginger Beer-- Homemade carbonated beverage that tastes like Ginger Ale with a stronger ginger flavor.
 Harddough Bread-- A moist Jamaican bread very good for sandwiches because it will not become soggy.
 Irish Moss--(carrageen). Atlantic coast sea weed. Used to treat respiratory illness and to sooth inflammations of the urinary and digestive systems.
 Jamaican Bun--Unfrosted Jamaican cake. Can be made with raisins, spices.
 Jamaican Cheese--Various types of cheese from Jamaica
 Jamaican Patties--Beef, chicken, or vegetable filling enclosed in tender dough, eaten like a hamburger.
 Jamaican Soda--Soda from Jamaica. Ask what flavors are available.
 Jerk--A dry seasoning blend used primarily in the preparation of grilled meat, a combination of chilies, thyme, spices (such as cinnamon, ginger, allspice and cloves), garlic and onions.
 Peas--Red kidney beans.
 Peas and Rice-- Red kidney beans cooked with rice, coconut milk, and spices, served with most every entree in Jamaica.
 Plantain-- Related to bananas but must be cooked before eating.
 Rasta-- A Jamaican religion that grew out of Jamaican poverty and which preaches peace, freedom of spirit, freedom from slavery, and freedom of Africa.
 Sorrel --( Oxalis acetosella). Small, common herb used to make a drink with many medicinal benefits.
 Sour Sop--(Guanabana or (Annona muricata). Fruit weighing four or five pounds--and with a thick greenish skin, marked at regular intervals with occasional blunt spines, taking the place of the "pineapple" effect. The cottony white flesh is aromatic in flavor but rather tart.
 Suppligen--Jamaican liquid meal supplement to foster strength and energy
 Zion Roots--Natural Jamaican herbal drink

Insider's Tip: True Jamaican food is processed and cooked by hand, just the way Tina's cooks do it! This is home cooking at its best!

Tina's  Jamaican Caribbean Restaurant is located in Providence, Rhode Island USA. Please see our home page for information.


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